Why Australian social media marketing must change – Part 1

Reading Time: 2 minutes Australian social media marketers are under pressure to justify budget and earn the attention of their target audience. What’s next for social media marketers?

Reading Time: 2 minutes
Grizzly bear anticipates salmon
Social media marketers need to anticipate what’s next to be successful.

Relying heavily on RSS feeds to effectively do my job, the closure of Google Reader was bad news for me personally.  Although, it was good news for Feedly.com.

Feedly is was a competitor to Google Reader and quickly became the preferred choice of Google Reader users seeking a new RSS service. Feedly announced it attracted 3 million users in the two weeks post Google’s announced closure.

This wasn’t a fluke. Feedly had a plan in place for the day Google shuttered Reader.  Their anticipatory thinking earned them the envious position as the new RSS feed market leader.

Australian social media marketers need to draw inspiration from Feedly and anticipate how select internal and external forces are redefining existing social marketing paradigms.

The First Wave of Australian Social Media Marketing

Marshall McLuhan, University of Toronto
Forty years later and McLuhan’s theories remain relevant.

The first wave of social media marketing is best described using Marshall McLuhan’s famous phrase, the ‘medium is the message’.

In general, customers that engage a brand’s Twitter based customer service team enjoy the ‘non-corporate’ tone and (depending on the urgency of the situation) the ease of publishing a tweet versus waiting on the phone for an extended period of time.

The nature of the medium is (near) real-time and social. Brands (especially more traditional ones) participating in social are able to refresh themselves as responsive, personable, innovative and relevant.

Combined with the Australian consumer mass market adoption of social networking, social media marketers received what they desired – a seat at the table.

What’s driving the second wave of social media marketing?

What to do once you've earned a spot at the table?
What to do once you’ve earned a spot at the table?

With a seat at the table, comes great (fiscal) responsibility. Social marketers find themselves competing against established digital marketing disciplines such as search engine marketing (SEM), affiliate marketing, email and performance media (display ads).

In high performance environments, each digital marketing stream must justify their return on investment.

The meritocracy of media means brands are facing stiff competition against the friends, colleagues, family, sports teams, bands and brands of their target audience.

How does a brand evolve their network centric social media marketing strategy?  Social media marketers must focus their attention and resource on what they publish through their earned, owned and paid social assets.

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3 thoughts on “Why Australian social media marketing must change – Part 1

  1. Mike there actually is the third level of social media, which is where parties meet face-to-face via video conferencing tools like Google Hangouts. Using these tools cuts down barriers and masks very quickly, as parties are unable to hold any pretense for very long lest they get found out. A very quick way to learn about someone or a company.

  2. Hi Mike,
    Just a point on video calls…

    Even though this technology has been available for some time on most high end smartphones, I’m not yet convinced that it has had the opportunity to reach its potential. Largely because of a lack of misunderstanding in the market.

    I recently video called a good friend who I would describe as quite ‘tech savvy’ (owns an s3, ipad, multiple laptops etc). He was surprised that we were video calling, and even more so that it was as easy as one button to do so.

    Maybe the mass market is yet to realise the simplicity, availability and benefits of both face to face social and video calling. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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