Why Australian social media marketing must change – Part 2

Reading Time: 2 minutes The next wave of social media marketing needs to focused on content marketing. Here’s five reasons why content marketing will dominate social media marketing.

Reading Time: 2 minutes
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The follow-up is always the toughest.

Social media marketers find themselves in a precarious position.

As highlighted in Why Australian Social Media Marketing Must Change – Part 1, social marketers are under great pressure to justify their share of the digital marketing budget and to earn the attention of their target audience.

So what’s next for Australian social media marketers?

What’s the follow-up to a network centric social media marketing strategy?

Social brands need to make Content Marketing a priority

The next wave of social media marketing strategies needs to be built around content.   Here’s five reasons why content marketing will dominate Australian social media marketing.

  1. Revenue attribution.  Keeping in mind variables like product quality, the hypothesis is that more impressions leads to greater revenue. A focus on impressions means social marketers can leverage existing media attribution models to demonstrate attributed social revenues.  Content enables impressions, impressions enables attribution, attribution enables accepted claims of revenue.
  2. Path to purchase.  By supplying information that supports the customer in their time of need/want, the content is perceived as relevant.  Marketers can design content for each phase of the path to purchase and appoint the most relevant metrics.  Social media networks can distribute and host the content.
  3. Be recognised as an authority.  Being perceived as a content expert, is one of many elements that should influence a brand’s search ranking.  According to Google research, mobile search directly impacts purchase decisions.  Google states that “55% of purchase related conversions occur within one hour of initial mobile search’.  As well, Google is the clear market leader with just over 90% of all Australian searches.
  4. Fewer barriers to budget.  Gaining budget for early social media initiatives was difficult at best.  Now that social media spending has become commonplace, social marketers may find their requests for content marketing funds to be more easily accepted (especially with an attached attribution model!).
  5. Content is the common denominator. It unites social and SEO to form a digital triple threat that should substantially increase the commercial capabilities of earned media.  Brands can leverage owned, earned and paid media to distribute the content and potentially earn increased impressions through consumers sharing and endorsing the content.

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