Mike Hickinbotham

Mike Hickinbotham is a Social Media marketer / consultant. Mike is formerly the Head of New Media at Telstra and the Head of Social Media at the Westpac Group. Mike has served as the Chair of ADMA's Search and Social Expert Group. Mike has an MBA from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management and a Master of Professional Communication from the University of Western Sydney

7P's of social media management revised

I had the good fortune to present at ADMA Forum 2012 on the topic of ‘social media management’.  I’ve embedded the SlideShare hosted presentation below (sorry – the limits  of my technical expertise have been reached!).

My presentation strategy was to provide a ‘management’ structure applicable to a broad number of organisations while offering brand relevant examples.  …

Can social media and mobile help Australian retail combat showrooming?

The National Retail Association generated headlines with a report commissioned by Ernst & Young that states 118,000 retail jobs may be shed by 2015.

In the Sydney Morning Herald’s coverage of the issue, Ian Mcllwraith quoted directly from the E&Y report:

”Regardless of the LVT (Low Value Threshold exception provided to goods purchased from foreign online retailers), the remaining 84,600 jobs would be lost to the traditional sector due to the structural changes and competition caused by the growth of online retailing,” said the Ernst & Young report.