Mike Hickinbotham

Mike Hickinbotham is a Social Media marketer / consultant. Mike is formerly the Head of New Media at Telstra and the Head of Social Media at the Westpac Group. Mike has served as the Chair of ADMA's Search and Social Expert Group. Mike has an MBA from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management and a Master of Professional Communication from the University of Western Sydney

Did Australia’s Royal Commission KO the big four bank’s social media?

It’s tough work competing in the Australian banking sector. Competition in Australia’s ‘heavyweight’ division is particularly challenging. The Australian banking ‘heavyweight’ division is made up of the ‘big four’ – ANZ, Commonwealth (CBA), National Australia Bank (NAB) and Westpac. The Australian banking heavyweights ‘control just over 80% of all owner-occupier home loans and 85% of all investor housing loans’.

Three strategies to demonstrate social media’s value

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One of the best business-related capabilities a corporate social media manager can have is demonstrating the value of social media marketing to internal and external stakeholders.

As long as social media is considered ‘opt-in’, social media managers have an uphill battle to attract sufficient resources that enable campaigns to scale at mass.…

If Doctors were Social Media Strategists

I was asked to speak before a class of University of Sydney medical students about building an online presence. It was an intriguing offer as I usually speak before marketers and other social media strategists.

In preparing for the presentation, I spent a lot of time reviewing the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency (AHPRA) advertising guidelines.  …